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Previous Student Testimonials

Earshot Communication Services is an approved centre to teach Signature Courses. Signature with almost 40 years experience, it is the leading awarding body for deaf communication qualifications in the UK. Since we began our work to promote and teach BSL, we’ve supported more than 420,000 people to learn the language. Please see for more information.  

Earshot Communication tutors have over 20 years of experience of teaching and are qualified Adult Tutors. All classes are small and manageable to ensure a high-quality learning experience. 

You can see what some of our previous students have been saying about our courses/training below

“Brilliant course, very clear and helpful instructions. Good use of teaching materials” 


“Absolutely loved it, thank you so much” 


“Loved the group, the teaching pace is just right, like the way we go over the signs” 


“Absolutely loved this course, would highly recommend” 


“ Really enjoyed learning in a friendly environment”


“Really Informative and helpful course, Rowan is a patient fun and a fantastic teacher. I learned a lot and really enjoyed it”


“I thoroughly enjoyed learning the basics of such a rich and visual language, from a fantastic teacher who uses humour to such great effect.”