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Community 1 to 1 Support

We can provide Personal Assistants to help you manage daily living and to access services with support while maintaining your independence.  We specialise in working with a range of hard of hearing, deaf and deaf-blind people using your preferred communication needs. 


  • Communication support in assisting you in the community to access a range of services.
  • Community 1-1 Support for Hard of Hearing, Deaf and Deafblind people in managing daily living.
  • 1 -1 Life and Social Skills training to promote independent living and interaction.
  • Specialist PA / Communicator Guide Support for Deaf BSL users and Deafblind people.
  • Direct Payment Personal Assistant (PA) service with Local Authorities.
  • Signposting to relevant agencies and services in their locality to promote general well-being.


  • Specialist 1 to 1 home visit includes travel - contact us for an actual quote.
  • Small-group Training -  contact us for a quote.
  • Professionals requiring advice  - contact us for a quote.
  • Social Care Direct Payment Service to provide support – contact us for DP hourly rate.
  • Social Care referrals accepted.

All staff are DBS Checked.

Earshot has Public Liability Insurance.

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